Phin's Quest


Test your tilting skills, and guide Phin across the ocean.

His journey will be filled with danger, as he tries to find the missing eggs. Try collecting all the eggs, and you may even get a surprise....

Play up to 18 levels of good fun, and constantly try to beat your high-scores.


Phin is a pyramid butterfly fish. He needs help retrieving all the eggs that were scattered by the storm.

The sea urchins hang around where ever they can. They enjoy acting like bums and watching everyone else go by. Becareful though, they're spiney, and a little prick from one of their spines could cost Phin a life.

Be careful of hooks. Fishermen carelessly leave them around.
Watch out for the shifty eyed squids. They are very territorial, and will chase anyone who enters their domain.
Watch out for the blowfish. They seem harmless, lazily floating up and down all day, but their spikes are still deadly.
The vacant stare of a jellyfish might seem harmless, but their sting hurts just the same.

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