- Super Game Droid: "Gorgeous cel-shaded graphics and an upbeat Rayman-esque soundtrack give Fox Tales a ton of personality and help to set it apart from some of the few other stealth games on fare. "

- Android Shock: Delightfully Charming Stealth Adventure Fox Tales: The Skeleton King Arrives on Android


Imagine sneaking around a haunted palace avoiding skeletons and ghosts. Enter a dark evil forest filled with zombies and wolves. Why would anyone be foolish enough to do this, you might ask? It's all because our little fox is a self styled hero, who thinks that every damsel in distress needs rescuing.

Consisting of 30 levels, a unique stamina system which constantly keeps you on your toes, cute cartoony graphics, and lots of catchy tunes. "Fox Tales: The Skeleton King" is loads of fun. The gameplay mixes crafty strategy, patience and skilled reflexes.

Help Kizu, the fox, save the damsel in distress and defeat the Skeleton King!

Be warned, this game will test your skills as an adventurer. Are you up for the challenge?

• Cute Cartoony graphics
• Lots of catchy tunes
• Challenging game play
• Unique stamina system
• 30 levels with 3 different themes/environments
• 2 difficulty settings
• Video Replay and Upload (iOS Only)
• Game Center Integration (iOS Only)
• Google Play Game Service (Android Only)
• Online Leaderboards




Free To Download at: 

Available at the Google Play Store for Free

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPodTouch 5th Generation


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