Fox Tales: Rocket Run

Ever considered strapping a rocket on your back and seeing how far you can go? In "Fox Tales: Rocket Run" you can experience that by helping Kizu, our cute little fox, find out that rockets aren’t toys. The gameplay is incredibly simple yet difficult enough to make the game highly addictive, as you try to advance through deadly spinning saws, dodge birds and evade the moving, burning saw blades that have littered Kizu’s forest like death traps. The goal in "Fox Tales: Rocket Run" is to advance as far as possible until the inevitable happens.

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Ocean Hunt

Let the Ocean Hunt begin!!! Get your spears ready. It's time to see what you can pull out of the depths of the ocean. Be the ultimate ocean hunter, and reel in the big fish. Prepare for some fast pace arcade fun as you shoot your spears at the passing fish. Once you've caught that fish quickly reel it back up.

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Fox Tales: The Skeleton King

Imagine sneaking around a haunted palace avoiding skeletons and ghosts. Enter a dark evil forest filled with zombies and wolves. Why would anyone be foolish enough to do this, you might ask? It's all because our little fox is a self styled hero, who thinks that every damsel in distress needs rescuing.

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Ninja Kittens - Cannons VS Robots

Load up this puzzle inspired arcade shooter, take aim at invading robots, and keep planet Ninja Kitten safe one strategically placed cannonball at a time! Ninja Kittens is exhilarating “pull & shoot” action taken to the next level! Do you have what it takes to keep the Ninja Kitties safe?

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Fox Tales: Escape from Dr. Goober

Help Kizu, the Fox, escape the Island of Dr. Goober. This tilt based platform game entails both skill and wit, as players dodge obstacles, and find the right path. Use your skills to unlock harder levels, play with new contraptions, and unlock up to 3 different bonus mini games. Adventure awaits you.

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 Danger Express: Surviving the Alien Infestation

In the not to distance future, aboard the top secret space station ICARUS, an outbreak occurs that leads to an infestation by alien like creatures. Now it's up to you, an operative of Danger Express, the highly skilled mercenary group, to retrieve a very special canister from the ICARUS.

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Phin's Quest

Test your tilting skills, and guide Phin across the ocean.His journey will be filled with danger, as he tries to find the missing eggs. Try collecting all the eggs, and you may even get a surprise....Play up to 18 levels of good fun, and constantly try to beat your high-scores.

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Falmania is a 2D arcade style game that is simple yet addictive. Use your quick reflexes to steer the falling blocks and try to match them with other same coloured blocks that have already fallen. Each time you successfully match a pair of blocks, they explode and give you points for each block you remove. 

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July 7, 2014 - Fox Tales: Rocket Run Release

Kizu is back in a brand new Fox Tales. Fox Tales: Rocket Run 1.04 has been released on the Google Play Store for Android. Click here to Download it. The iOS version has been submitted for approval by Apple and it will be released once it's approved.


May 10, 2014 - Ocean Hunt iOS Release

Ocean Hunt 1.03 has been released on the the iTunes App store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Click here to Download it. 


May 5, 2014 - Ocean Hunt Android Release

Ocean Hunt 1.03 has been released on the Google Play Store for Android. Click here to Download it. The iOS version has been submitted for approval by Apple and will be released once it's approved.


October 3, 2013 - Fox Tales Another Review

"Fox Tales: The Skeleton King", has just received another game review. This time it's by "Delightfully Charming Stealth Adventure 'Fox Tales: The Skeleton King' Arrives on Android." Read the full review.


October 3, 2013 - Fox Tales iOS Release

"Fox Tales: The Skeleton King" has just been approved by Apple, and is now available on the iTunes app store. You can download it here.